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Top Five Body-Weight moves you need to start doing now

By: Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki

You have dedicated a limited part of your day, usually approximately 1 hour per day to exercise and training. Are you trying to get leaner, stronger and fitter?

Take a moment to reflect on yesterdays training session, what did you do, has it moved you closer to your goals? It is a great feeling to walk away from the gym knowing that you're stronger, fitter and better.

If you're a regular gym goer it is not uncommon to gravitate towards exercises that are easy and familiar. Learning new exercises is extremely important when comes to physical and mental stimulus. Choose exercises that will give you bang for your buck, maximise every minute you have spent at the gym, this is what will get you results.

At Body and Core Fitness we L O V E gymnastics movements for training as you can do then anywhere, they challenge your core, improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness and get you seriously toned. Here are the TOP FIVE gymnastics and body-weight movements:

1. Plank- this can be done on your toes (scaled on your knees), going from a low plank to high plank or on your side. The variations are endless.

2. Push Ups- the tricep push up with your elbows tucked to keep shoulders in a strong position. To scale the movement down, place your hands on a box, to step it up a notch place your hands on plates to add a defecit. There is a great deal of core and stability involved.

3. Body Row- This can be done on rings or a bar set at chest height. Suspend your body below the bar or rings, begin with straight arms, pull back through the shoulder blades before pulling with the arms. This will help you get that sexy back.

4. Handstands- all you need is a wall. Begin in the top of a push up position, maintain the tight plank position you practiced ealier and step your feet up onto the wall. Maintaining a tight position one step at time get closer to the wall. Gradually building up the time you spend inverted. Handstands will make you feel like young again.

5. Squats- We need to squat to be functional and should be squating often. Some of our favourite body-weight squats incldue wall sits, air squats and eventually single leg/pistol squats.

Start moving your body well, learn new skills while getting stronger, leaner and improving your fitness. Trust us you will never look back.

Added: 09-06-2016

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