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5 Mistakes ladies are making in the gym

By: Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki

5 Mistakes ladies are making in the gym

1. Not setting goals- if you haven’t set a goal how do you know whether you’re making progress? Going to the gym is extremely motivating and satisfying when you know you’re achieving something every single session. Each and every session should be getting you one step closer to the best version of yourself.

2. Relying on the treadmill – walking into the gym unsure of where to start the treadmill attracts large numbers of people, particularly women. The “Quick Start” seems the easiest option to getting a workout. But how long, how fast, flat or incline? Spending 30min, three times per week at the wrong intensity could result in over 70 hours of wasted efforts each year. Imagine if that time was spent training productively. “Cardio” workouts should also include some mixed modality workouts For example: 3 rounds 200m run 12 KB swings 6 Ring rows

3. Using the wrong weights or not enough weight- building muscle is not easy. In order to tone up and change body shape weight training is essential. What if I told you, you could get rid of cellulite with weight training? With that in mind, are your weights heavy enough?

4. Not having a structured plan – Going to the gym and performing random exercises with no structure will not produce real results. Each and every session should have a purpose and a plan. From the warm up to strength and cardio – everything you do should be specific and purposeful, it’s not just about getting the blood pumping. Each section should be based around improving mobility or skills, increasing strength and fitness.

5. Spending too much time – this generally comes down to not enough structure or following a program performing exercises which your body is not responding to. For most of us 60min should be enough to get it done! The best time to start was yesterday, the next best is TODAY.

Added: 08-06-2016

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