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3 simple way to stay motivated

By: Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki

Let’s face it, motivation and results are extremely hard to come by when you’re in the wrong gym setting. Which person do you want to be?

No.1- The person who finishes work, negotiates with themselves whether you should go to the gym or go home to relax after a long day?

No. 2- The person who gets out of work on time because your health and fitness is a top priority?

What if exercising were easy? What if you couldn’t wait to get to the gym? What if your workouts made you feel accomplished, satisfied and confident? Can you imagine how great that would feel?

We have the solution. Follow these golden rules to keep yourself motivated:

1. Make your workouts time efficient, fun. Your workout needs to be time efficient and planned out ahead of time, no fluffing around just get down to business and get it done. Training must be fun, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, try different styles of training to find something that suits you.

2. Keep yourself mentally and physically stimulated, learn new skills and challenge your body constantly. Our mind and body accustoms itself to challenges. There’s no shortage of realistic challenges and goals, if you need guidance on this you should speak to your coach about a goal setting session.

3. Train with friends, training with like minded people is vital for long term success. On days where you fall short on energy and motivation you will pick it up from the person next to you. Start training with us at Body and Core, you will make plenty of friends in no time.

Added: 08-06-2016

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